Production sites, platforms and ships are complex environments. Having many years of experience Keyprocessor is at home in this particular field. It’s for this reason that we often recognise the requirements of our customers sooner than they do so themselves.

The strict requirements for regulation and the great attention to safety, are logically characteristic for this market. By 2030 the volume of maritime shipping will have doubled in comparison to today; the need for efficient external site management increases substantially. Just like the need for remote controlled, unmanned platforms and technology that helps to reduce human failure.

Environmental factors play an important role in this industry. The systems must always be available and resistant to impacts of temperature, humidity, oil and salt water.

Special focus is on the “hazardous” area, the place where the primary processes take place. It’s because any interruption costs money, that continuous monitoring is essential.

At all times the operator must have an overview, particularly in cases of escalations, when every second counts. Take, for example, the assembly of staff at the “muster point” in cases of disaster. It is crucial that it’s immediately clear that no one has been left behind.

The Keyprocessor Security Management System can show the right information at the right time, by combining information from different systems efficiently (cameras, access control, fire alarm).