Parking management

Modern parking management requires a solution that flexibly combines parking-related facilities such as access control, license plate and visitor registration and video surveillance. The Keyprocessor Parking Management module is an integral part of the iProtect Security Management System.

iProtect seamlessly integrates all the required disciplines and provides a wealth of clearly laid out reports for the management of detailed information. The web-based platform has an accessible interface and can be operated intuitively by the administrator from any workstation with internet access.

The iProtect parking module is very suitable for shared commercial buildings, in which the sections of the parking lot are divided according to arrangements between the present users. The module offers a wide range of alternatives when it comes to paid parking. The “park now, pay later” concept knows deals with challenges in terms of checking, registration of visitors and the payment itself. The iProtect parking module offers ample solutions to these challenges. The user experiences a smooth handling of automatic access, and the administrator can deliver relevant, transparent management information at any time.

The iProtect parking module proves its services at hospitals and business premises, who want to keep the costs for parking management as low as possible. Because iProtect combines different disciplines and controls from one central point, the system ensures considerable savings on operational costs. Within iProtect the efficient use of parking space runs parallel with security, access control and visitor management; an extremely efficient and user-friendly way to control costs.


Simple online management

Fully IP-based

License plate recognition

Reservations and tickets possible

Management reports

keyprocessor parkeermanagement
keyprocessor parkeermanagement