Polyx – Innovative netwerk controller

keyprocessor polyx beveiliging
keyprocessor polyx beveiliging

Polyx is a versatile and intelligent IP-based network controller. The Polyx network controller is widely applicable and integrated in the iProtect Security Management System.

Communications with Polyx is mainly over IP. It can therefore be used with existing IP networks, which provides substantial savings on cabling costs. With automatic detection and configuration of  the Polyx installation costs are also reduced. With power consumption of only 1.5 W Polyx is energy-efficient and thereby contributes to a greener environment.

End-to-end security

Securing the applications from the source to the end point is called end-to-end security. In the case of Access Control the data stream starts by reading the smart card and ends with either opening the door or not. Polyx provides end-to-end security. The security system is best secured especially in combination with DESFire smart cards and card readers. Communications between the field components and the iProtect server is decoded with AES 256. It is possible to connect two card readers or two Orbits onto a Polyx.


End-to-End security

Cost-saving installation and cabling


Supports all modern reader technologies