keyprocessor glasvezel beveiliging


The emergence of the information and communication technology has a major impact on the way we live our lives. It is a market segment that is changing fast. Think of eLearning, gaming, social media and the use of tablets and smartphones.

With the emerging demand for information and communication technology the need for bandwidth is growing as well. By using fibreglass this demand can be met. The internet has become a basic necessity, just like gas, water and electricity.

For fibreglass, we have to deal with local exchanges, the so-called Points of Presence (PoPs). A PoP contains a lot of expensive equipment, but is unmanned and often insufficiently protected. For the security of the PoPs, Keyprocessor developed Apollo, a total solution based on technological elements of the successful iProtect Security Management System.

Apollo not only secures the PoP, but also manages the Access Control and tracks environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. Plug-and-play, easy and remote. This is innovation according to the Keyprocessor recipe.