The cure & care market is characterised by a high degree of specialization. Through years of experience, Keyprocessor is a constructive dialogue partner for the entrepreneurial care managers of today. Keyprocessor can relieve its customers by way of its in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market and business processes. This has led to an effective total solution for hospitals and nursing homes.

 Hospitals must stand out in hospitality and customer service, and reduce costs at the same time. Keyprocessor systems deliver insight into and support of the primary processes of hospitals. In this way movement, routes and occupancy rates of valuable equipment and material is registered. Data that is crucial in controlling costs and pursuing hospitality and customer-friendliness.

But the Keyprocessor security systems also control the access for people, vehicles and goods. Monitoring, surveillance, tracking and tracing, image communication and remote monitoring; it’s all possible within one solution.

In short, with our innovative technology and specific software solutions you can save money and improve your image. Finally, it’s all about optimal security and the best care.