Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection systems are primarily designed to detect a burglary outside office hours. The Keyprocessor Intrusion Detection module is an integral part of the iProtect Security Management System and is therefore extremely reliable.

Within iProtect different security components are linked for additional security (such as Access Control, Camera Surveillance and Intercom). In this way, by linking with Access Control, many false alarms are prevented and video images support solving a burglary.

With the installation of detectors in strategic places the iProtect Intrusion Detection system provides extra safety and security for your property. Once an intrusion is detected, the iProtect alarm system immediately sends a message to the emergency call centre or to internal security.

The integrated solution is based on the latest technology, in which reliability and stability are the most important aspects. The system is capable of managing multiple locations from one central control point. This is not only effective, but also reduces costs. Keyprocessor offers standard integration of iProtect with intrusion detection systems by Alphatronics, Aritech and Galaxy.


Easy to install

Easy management

With interactive floor plan

User-friendly user interface

Communication unit integrated in the alarm control unit

In line with the European standard (EN) 50131

Keyprocessor inbraakdetectie
keyprocessor inbraakdetectie