The Commend intercom systems supplied by Keyprocessor are among the best in the world. In addition to a very professional design and well thought-out functionalities, they provide excellent audio quality. By using analogue technologies in combination with digital signal processing (DSP) this audio application is at the forefront of innovation.

Here Keyprocessor also offers customisation. Whether it is for a hospital, a factory, a subway station or a prison, the system always ensures that the intercom, brings the right people together at the touch of a button, and that you are properly redirected to the right contacts and/or services.

With the integration of intercom in the iProtect security management system, all modules and components are brought together on a single common platform. The simple and intuitive operation ensures effective user-convenience for both the security staff and the employees.

The proven iProtect security management system integrates intercom, audio, video, monitoring and all the control functions required. This creates a balanced, total solution for the security of buildings, objects and grounds. Due to this integration work, activities in the control room can easily be managed and controlled by the accessible web interface providing a real-time overview of, for example:

• Opening doors, fences and barriers, after verification of the access through the intercom station
• Handling intercom stations for the lifts
• Integrated video images of intercom stations

The Commend intercom installations can be applied traditionally or totally geared towards IP network protocols. This also makes it possible to integrate the existing, conventional systems in the iProtect Security Management System.



Easy installation

Excellent voice quality

Pre-programmed scenarios available

Confidential recording and documentation

Flexible call waiting

Local and central control rooms

Antibacterial intercom stations for use in care facilities

keyprocessor intercom
keyprocessor intercom