iProtect Access vs. iProtect Security

Due to the flexible structure of the iProtect system, the need to implement an access control system can just as easily be accomplished as a fully-fledged Security Management System. Both options can be customized and are equipped with all the basic functionalities. Once an iProtect Access System has been implemented it can easily be scaled up to an iProtect Security Management System. You always have the assurance of having a system that matches with your environment’s security needs.

iProtect Access

A full-fledged customized Access Control solution, used to open doors in a controlled manner. Always having a real-time overview of access having been granted to whom, where and when.

iProtect Security 

A complete Security Management System which generally includes Video, Intrusion detection and Intercom functionalities combined with Access Control. Always having the highest level of security which can be controlled from a single dashboard.

Overview of all functionalities per system, as shown in the following table:

Access control


iProtect integrates online card readers, PIN code card readers, wireless online and offline cylinder locks and electronic fittings, and allows all authorisations, events and reports to be generated from a single system. Access Control works together with a wide range of card reader technologies.

Video surveillance

Vicoon_videosurveillanceideo Management is fully integrated in iProtect, which provides important benefits. Since all iProtect modules communicate with each other, automatically the right images are shown on the surveillance cameras. This allows images of a specific incident to be shown within seconds and the right measures to be taken immediately.

Intrusion detection


By integrating with other security disciplines false alarms can be prevented. In combination with Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intercom, iProtect offers optimal intrusion detection, in which the interactive floor plan is an effective tool.



iProtect integrates intercom with audio, video and monitoring. This allows for more overview and insight in the control room. A pop-up window warns the controller when an access request is made. Access can then be granted after authentication by voice and video and on the basis of the interactive floor plan, which shows the location of the call.