keyprocessor iProtect

iProtect Security Management System

keyprocessor iProtect

Keyprocessor’s iProtect Security Management System is characterised by a smart combination of the security disciplines within a single reliable platform mentioned below. This results in efficiency and cost reductions. When taking the user-friendliness and the ease of operation into account, you’ll understand why so many businesses in the Netherlands and abroad have chosen iProtect. iProtect is the ideal system to guarantee security of people and building, now and in the future.

Because iProtect records the data from the various disciplines in an efficient manner it provides a wealth of management information.

iProtect has been fully developed in-house, which enables us to fine-tune the system to the marketplace’s wishes and to provide good advice.

Access control


iProtect integrates online card readers, PIN code card readers, wireless online and offline cylinder locks and electronic fittings, and allows all authorisations, events and reports to be generated from a single system. Access Control works together with a wide range of card reader technologies.

Video surveillance

Vicoon_videosurveillanceideo Management is fully integrated in iProtect, which provides important benefits. Since all iProtect modules communicate with each other, automatically the right images are shown on the surveillance cameras. This allows images of a specific incident to be shown within seconds and the right measures to be taken immediately.

Intrusion detection


By integrating with other security disciplines false alarms can be prevented. In combination with Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intercom, iProtect offers optimal intrusion detection, in which the interactive floor plan is an effective tool.

Parking management


Parking management requires its own specific approach. Thanks to the versatile software and the modular design, the iProtect Parking Management solution meets different specific project requirements. iProtect links parking management with related facilities such as Access Control, License Plate and Visitor Registration and Video Surveillance.



iProtect integrates intercom with audio, video and monitoring. This allows for more overview and insight in the control room. A pop-up window warns the controller when an access request is made. Access can then be granted after authentication by voice and video and on the basis of the interactive floor plan, which shows the location of the call.

iProtect is characterized by:

• Extreme ease of use
• Cost effectiveness
• Platform and location-independence
• IP-based, online application
• Multi-site management
• Wireless and secured online communications

iProtect can integrate the following disciplines:

• Access control
• Videosurveillance
• Intrusion detection
• Parking management
• Intercom
• Time registration

There are three different licences available. Each licence with its own standard applications and options. In the table you will find a clear overview of possibilities within each license.