Locker management

Electronic locker management is applied in schools, hospitals and sports venues. As a result of the increasing need for flexibility of working areas, the demand for this module is growing in both the business community as well as in public settings. The system works on the basis of authorisations for authorised users and automatically imports card numbers and their status. Authorised users can choose a locker, use it and make it available for someone else after the use.

Locker management is integrated in iProtect, so that the many advantages of the iProtect software can be utilised. This includes the control from one central point and the easy-to-use interface. But additional burglary protection is also guaranteed by way of the integrated alarm functionality.

The locker management system controls who is allowed to use a locker; where, when and for how long. Keyprocessor supports locker systems with and without integrated card readers. In the latter case the user holds his card in front of the terminal. The best choice depends, among other things, on the desired functionality, the locker plan and the budget.


Keys are unnecessary (no more costs for replacing keys and locks)

Hassle-free, IP-based, remote controlt

Elegant design of lockers with special lighting

Handle-free “touch to open” doors for optimum safety

Both stand alone and integrated in existing system

keyprocessor lockermanagement