Your access control becomes more efficient and modular

The Orion opens the door to new possibilities

With the Orion, Keyprocessor introduces the first Smart Door Controller in a new generation of Controllers. Smart Access Control which takes care of an effective, energy-efficient and multi-purpose security of every working environment. ‘Sample’ what the Orion has to offer and convince yourself!

What’s the Orion going to do for you?

The security of your working environment, just like the other building management components, is taken care of behind the scenes. The Orion also works out of sight, but fortunately the major benefits are immediately visible. The Orion does exactly what you expect from a Door Controller: it checks the opening and closing of doors in whatever shape or form. Aside from that, the Orion will consistently offer many more possibilities.

What makes the Orion so Smart?

Modular design – easily linked both to each other as well as to with other (future) Keyprocessor products
Small footprint – big achievements in a small device; calls for limited space
Smart LED – all statuses can be read with a single LED
Star and Bus – easy installation; optimal possibilities in both systems
Cost savings – reuse of existing cabling, feeds and housings are possible
Energy savings – a high-efficiency feed and an economical processor
Find my Orion – no need to search for your devices anymore because of the integrated location buzzer
100% Dutch design – developed in-house, so you’re always assured of the best quality
Aside from access control the Orion Smart Door Controller offers:
+ Monitoring of the temperature and humidity of your working environment
+ Motion detection
+ Automatic alarm activation
+ Fault detection