Asset & Site Management Solution

Securing of unmanned locations in critical infrastructures can be quite challenging. Having more than 30 years worth of experience in Security Management, Keyprocessor has all the know-how to surveil and monitor unmanned technical sites. Not only at a single site, but particularly multiple decentralised unmanned locations. That’s where our strength lies. Keyprocessor provides the concept for monitoring and surveilling critical infrastructures which are of vital importance in our society, namely:

• Energy
• Telecommunications
• Water management
• Transportation
• Drinking water

Just because the modern technology that is installed in these unmanned locations depends much more on environmental factors than ever before (temperature, humidity, etc.), early identification of changes is essential. It helps to significantly reduce the risk of loss and failure and therefore disasters can be prevented.

Our Apollo plays a crucial role within this security solution, like a spider in its web. Apollo adopts the role of our human senses, and more than that! In combination with the iProtect Security Management System an easy to control web-based application is created, which enables you to control and manage access and monitoring of unmanned sites.

Functionalities Monitoring of:
Access ControlTemperature & Humidity
Camera Surveillance Smoke
Intrusion DetectionFire
Central Management Water / Leakage