Sirius card readers

Keyprocessor Sirius i80
Keyprocessor Sirius i80P

The series of Sirius card readers are the cream of the crop if you’re looking for a versatile, innovative and multifunctional solution. The Sirius card reader offers all these benefits in one and can almost always be easily integrated into an existing situation. State-of-the-art technology provides ultra-fast response time, opening the door almost without delay. The Sirius card reader works flawlessly with a wide range of passes and tags and supports a vast majority of reading technologies.

The Sirius card readers are visually very beautiful. The sleek housing is finished with a hard top layer, which extends the service life. Add to this the clearly visible light guide and it’s obvious that the timeless design of the Sirius card reader blends in well with any environment.

The Sirius card reader ensures a watertight access control system for every situation, from everyday management to a direct response during critical incidents. All Sirius card readers use a built-in antenna to read smartcards or tags. The light guide uses the latest LED technology for an even better view.

Of course, attention is given to energy saving. When no cards are proffered to the card reader for some time, then the reader’s antenna field will be reduced. Only when a card or tag is in the vicinity again, will the reader become active again. The card reader can also be used as a switch, then no pass or tag is needed, but the reader is operated manually through the proximity sensor.

The Sirius card reader series consists of 3 types:

Sirius i30:

Suitable for many situations and can be used in many types of projects. The reader is ideal for mounting on doorjambs

Sirius i80:

The Sirius i80 is specifically suitable for mounting on an electrical flush socket. In addition, it is also suitable for flat surfaces with the special i80 (p) spacer. This reader is designed as a single unit and therefore easy to maintain.

Sirius i80P:

This PIN code reader uses capacitive touch technology. This means that the reader does not have loose or moving parts (such as buttons). This makes the PIN code reader suitable for many applications. The i80P is likewise designed as a single unit and easy to maintain. The Sirius i80P also has a PIN code keyboard. The keyboard is self-calibrating and adjusts perfectly to the environment. The reader is suitable for mounting on an electrical flush socket and on flat surfaces with the special i80 (p) spacer. This reader with its PIN code keyboard also offers intrusion functionality. With a personal identification number (PIN) an alarm system can be activated or deactivated.