Video Management

Video Management allows users to quickly assess situations and incidents from remote locations and to respond immediately. With the integration of IP cameras, codecs and video analysis technologies using the latest streaming methods, Keyprocessor’s video management offers optimal image quality.

Video management is fully integrated in the iProtect Security Management System, which provides important advantages. Since all iProtect modules communicate with each other, automatically the right images of the surveillance cameras are shown. This enables a rapid preview of specific events, such as the offering a stolen pass, a burglary signal or a verification request.

The system offers the option of building a fully IP-based camera observation and registration system. There is the option to show the continuous images of the monitoring cameras at the reception desk, also granting access on the basis of video verification or license plate recognition.

All the equipment is adaptable and based on open standards, in which integration and installation is very simple. The Video Management system guarantees a full overview, and efficient control is thus the best possible solution for numerous specific situations. Keyprocessor normally offers two Video Management systems, being DIVA® and xProtect.


Support of various cameras

HD images


Optional applications (such as object recognition)

Easy integration with third party systems

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