The most compact, intelligent network controller

This is Pluto
Our new network controller. Smaller and more compact, but at the same time also a lot more powerful than any of its predecessors and competitors. Pluto is perhaps the most important part of our fourth-generation controllers and, in combination with the Orion door controller and future Power Management Unit Solar, it offers a modular solution that is future proof and can virtually be applied in all situations.

Four promises

1. Future-proof technology – a system to move forward in the next 10 to 15 years
2. 99% applicable – any conceivable configuration is possible

3. Plug & Play installation – thanks to modular and stackable elements
4. Smart Maintenance – remote monitoring, software and firmware updates remotely while the system continues to function

Future proof technoloy
Keyprocessor continuously invests in further development of its products and solutions. Use is not only made of the most powerful and innovative technology currently available for Pluto, but also for Orion and Solar. This includes options for upscaling to even more powerful processors or more memory capacity. We’re able to provide a security system that will continue to meet your requirements and expectations for 10 to 15 years.

99% solution
The new modular controller range offers a solution for 99% of the market’s challenges. Virtually every conceivable configuration is possible and you save a great deal of space, thanks to a clever compact design.

Plug & play
Pluto offers the best possible ease of installation and efficiency. The modular build-up makes this range of controllers unique and flexible. The controllers can be clicked together just like Lego bricks and due to its compact form, assembly and setting up of plant rooms becomes easy.

Smart Maintenance
This new modular controller range also means a modern form of service. It is possible to remotely monitor the proper functioning of all components through the “Remote Monitoring” function. Moreover, central software and firmware updates can be performed remotely. If a component fails it can easily be replaced in an otherwise normal operating system. This not only makes Pluto a smart solution, but also a very smart investment.

Modular innovation

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