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Control Room

Purchasing a Keyprocessor Security Management System is the first step to a safe environment. For an optimal functioning of a security management system it is important that adequate support is provided.

This is ensured by the Keyprocessor Control Room. The Control Room is the single point of contact for all your questions about:  products, failures, maintenance, control, training and other services.

Alert and proactive

Services are monitored and executed from the Keyprocessor Control Room.

The Keyprocessor Control Room provides a help desk, in addition to real-time monitoring of your systems. By way of a direct connection and smart reporting capabilities we are able to actively monitor your systems from the Keyprocessor Control Room.

Smart Maintenance

One of the services provided by the Keyprocessor Control Room is Smart Maintenance. On the basis of “to measure is to know” the smart maintenance system collects information about events and incidents in iProtect and the connected systems. In this way, the status of your system is proactively monitored and before an actual failure occurs, it can be intervened.

The Keyprocessor Control Room provides a proactive service which could prevent a fault causing problems in the business operations!

The Keyprocessor Control Room is open on work days from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00.
When the Control Room is closed, you are diverted for contractual support to our Keyprocessor emergency room.
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